Assassins Creed 2 Images and Concept Art

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Assassins Creed Concept Art

Assassin's Creed 2 is set in Renaissance Italy, with all the beautiful settings and surroundings that you would expect.  Take a look at these screenshots, images and concept art that we've collected together to give you an impression of how well this game will take advantage of HD gaming with big, open plan, sandbox gaming.  Hopefully the game will overcome the tedious pitfall's of the first installment and deliver what was originally promised and provide excellent gameplay, missions, storyline and challenges.  View the collection of screenshots and concept art by clicking Next above.


Thu, 06/18/2009 - 12:42

This was the game that surprised me the most at E3 (hey, I knew Uncharted 2 was going to be the sexy). It already loooks like a massive improvement over the last one. Let's hope it's not as repetitive with samey side-missions.

Have you seen the E3 gameplay demo? I'm all about the double kill with dual consealed blades. Think I saw it on Sony's conference on PSN Store.

I wonder if it's just in Venice, as the last game had you travelling between cities (and generally getting called an infidel and chased for going one speed above casual trot on the horse). One of those concept shots showed a bit of countryside so who knows?

Brendan Griffiths

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