Ten Questions for the MapleStory Team: Developer Interview

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After our recent review of MMORPG hit Maplestory Gamehub was able get in touch with the masterminds behind the game and ask them a few questions.This is what the korean develoment team had to say:

1. When you released the game almost six years ago did you think it would become as popular as it has?
We did expect MapleStory to bring great impact to the online game society, but didn’t expect this much support and popularity with over 92 million registered accounts across the world.

 2. What were your main influences when designing and developing the game?
We are influenced by numerous factors, but the most important factor is the reaction and satisfaction of our players. We always review our content to check if they will be able to present fun and excitement to the majority of our players. As in designs, warm and cute designs were developed in the beginning, but as MapleStory service develops, we are bringing more fantasy factors to designs.

3. Was the decision to make the game two dimensional a difficult one?
It wasn’t a difficult decision. We had confidence that the two dimensional theme would be welcomed by our players as a pleasant surprise.

4. Has being a Korean development team had any impact on your games or the way in which you approach games development?
As mentioned above, we put the interests and reactions of our players first when developing the game. This is why we are bringing more cultural contents suitable for each service. For example, we have exclusive contents developed solely for MapleStory Europe to celebrate unique events and holidays of different countries in Europe, such as Queen’s Day in the Netherlands, La Tomatina in Spain, Oktoberfest in Germany, etc. We put a lot of effort into researching and understanding the market and the characteristics of our players in Europe before actual game development. Although MapleStory was first developed and started service in Korea, MapleStory Europe has a distinct quality that is unique to European sentiment

5. What does Knights of Cygnus offer Maplestory fans?
‘Knights of Cygnus’ offers an easier and more fun entry to newcomers in the Maple World. After creating the ‘Knights of Cygnus’ character, the player is welcomed with a detailed yet easy tutorial, fast level-up speed, and strong exotic skills, allowing the player to hunt, and do quests with more fun with friends in Maple World.
For players who are familiar with MapleStory, the ‘Knights of Cygnus’ lets the player have a second character that empowers the main character. Through the skill ‘Blessings of the Spirit,’ the stats of the Adventurers main character in the same account gets stronger as the ‘Knights of Cygnus’ character levels up. Previous Maple Adventurers can now enjoy the unique and fun features of the ‘Knights of Cygnus,’ and gain strength for the main character at the same time.

6. Do you have any favourite Maplestory moments of your own?
As a MapleStory player, it was a lot of fun waiting for the ‘Knights of Cygnus’ to be released, and levelling up when it was finally released. It was fun acquiring unique skills and levelling up quickly, but even as a MapleStory developer it was difficult to catch up with other players.

7. What games, besides Maplestory, do you enjoy playing in your free time?
We enjoy many different games, especially those newly launched in the market. Currently we are trying ‘Braid’ and were also inspired by the new ideas. We enjoy not only RPG games, but also rhythm action, racing, etc.

8. What is your opinion on other MMORPGs that are considered more "hardcore" than Maplestory, such as World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online?
We don’t consider hardcore MMORPG our competition, as the target players are different. MapleStory is a game that can be easily enjoyed by both genders; and younger and older teens- even children under 10 years old. However, we do think there are some features of hardcore MMORPG that are attractive to players and benchmark them.

9. How would you describe Maplestory to someone unfamiliar with the game?
MapleStory is a 2D side-scrolling MMORPG offering a chance to fight off cute and adorable monsters to save the dream-like Maple World. The game has various fun features and contents verified by the many years of development and success, and every update offers more and more great fun. It is also a friendly game that even newcomers to the online game community can easily learn to play, and personalise their avatars with hundreds of different trendy looks. We recommend that players unfamiliar with MapleStory start with the ‘Knights of Cygnus’ which was released on August 5th and enjoy the game with friends.

10. What does the future hold in store for Maplestory and your team?
Our best interest is to bring fun content to MapleStory Europe that will receive great feedback. We are monitoring the opinions of our players and are inspired on which contents to develop and introduce. We have a firm belief that our players will be able to have more and more fun in MapleStory Europe as we are planning great updates for the future.

After this interview its clear to see that Maplestory`s development team are immensely proud of the game they`ve created. Not only are they gamers themselves but as developers they’ve created a game that is able to entertain them as individuals and literally millions of people worldwide.Altough a lot of the interview was spent discussing Maplestory itself, it was interesting to get a glimpse into what makes developers tick and how production of a game with a massive following is handled.


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