Assassins Creed II- DaVinci's Arsenal

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As you are probably well aware, it is the famous Renaissance Master, Leonardo DaVinci, who will be providing you with much of your equipment in your time as Ezio, the main man of Assassins Creed II. Of course, we all know about The Glider, but what we might not know so much about are the weapons, so here are four examples of what Leo is going to be giving us on November 20th.


1) The Hidden Blade

We all recognise this one. Hidden beneath Altair's wrist was this small blade just waiting to pop out and stab somebody in the back. Well, it's back, but this time, thanks to our good friend Leo, we'll be having two, one on each hand, so we can now sneakily murder two innocents at once!

The Hidden Blade

2) The Poison Blade

Here we have the Hidden Blade again, but with a differance... this one is poisonous and will cause anyone who is stabbed by it to go mental, flailing their weapon around and killing their allies.

3) The Hidden Gun

Yet another hidden weapon, the Hidden Gun will kill anyone in one shot, just like the Thowing Knives used by Altair, which will return but with less effect.


4) The Smoke Bomb

One of Leo's most interesting new additions to the weapons list is the Smoke Bomb. Throw one of these and the smoke produced will blind you attackers, giving you the ultimate escape route.


In addition to all these exciting new weapons, it has also been confirmed that you will also be using spears, warhammers and even you precious coins, if you can bare to part with them, to your advantage in combat in Assassins Creed II.


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