Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (Xbox 360 and PC)

Splinter Cell has become one of biggest and most successful of the more recent franchises.  Since the debut title in 2002 there have been 5 games so far and so when the guys at Ubisoft release a new one, it's worth a look to see what it's about and what we can expect.  With a back catalogue of quality Splinter Cell games, we're all waiting excitedly, and, to be honest, we're all waiting with quite high expectations as well. The 6th Splinter Cell game, Convictions, is due for release on 26th Feb for PC and Xbox 360.

Splinter Cell Conviction will feature a story that's more about Sam Fisher, his history and his character.  While investigating his daughter's death he discovers he's been betrayed by his former employer, the agency Third Echelon.  Off the grid and gone renegade you will be in a race against time to put down a terrorist plot and find justice and answers about your daughter.

Game play wise, there's a bunch of things to be getting excited about as Ubisoft turn on the action to accompany what sounds like a gripping thriller of a story.

  • Co-op mode in the form of a specially created mode that’s a Prologue to the main story.  Co-op elements of this kind of game are among the best and you can check this outin the video above.
  • Cutting-edge innovations allow you to outflank foes with the Last Known PositionTM system, tag and eliminate enemies using the Mark and ExecuteTM feature, and much more.
  • A unique storytelling style keeps you on the edge of your seat as you navigate the explosive world of a renegade agent where trust is impossible and justice requires you to go above the law.
  • A revolutionary new graphic direction delivers an utterly seamless gameplay experience that'll keep you totally engrossed in the story.
  • Brand-new addictive multiplayer modes ups the dramatic intensity like never before.

As ever with the bigger releases, there will be Collector's Edition packs on sale.  I'm not always a fan of collector packs or special editions etc but this one actually looks pretty good and will include:

  • An exclusive Sam Fisher statue
  • Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction game in unique SteelBook™ case
  • Infiltration Mode : Eliminate all hostiles in the mission area without being detected
  • A special playable skin: Shadow Armour
  • Early access to 3 weapons: SC300, SR2 and MP5
  • The official Splinter Cell Conviction Soundtrack (more than 17 tracks)

If you haven't already, watch the video above. It's good.

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