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Sniping is often one of the best features of an FPS game and we have seen attempts at a dedicated game before. Whether Sniper Ghost Warrior (PC X360) will finally pull it off we'll have to see but the screens look great and the hype sounds good so far. This could be one of the games I have to play, and I'm sure it'll be the same with other FPS fans when it is released in June 2010.  Here are a few bullet points of key features we're likely to see in Sniper Ghost Warrior..

  • Grenades
  • A health meter that depletes and doesn't restore - there are what looks like health injections
  • There will be a knife attack
  • There will be close combat sequences as well as long-shot sniping
  • Targets/Enemies may be highlighted in red to assist in targeting
  • It looks like there could be different outfits to match the different terrains
  • There will be enemy vehicles but it isn't clear if these will be usable by the player
  • There will be a heartrate sensor during sniping which may effect accuracy of a shot
  • There will be a wind guage during sniping which will effect the trajectory of the shot
  • Team play elements will be present
  • Multiplayer is in, via "unique multiplayer modes" for up to 16 players.

City Interactive, a Warsaw-based publisher of video game titles, has announced its first title for Xbox 360 and PC-DVD formats. Entitled Sniper Ghost Warrior, the game offers an incredible insight into the danger-filled world of the military marksman.

Sniper Ghost Warrior is set on the fictitious South American island of Isla Trueno, where a despotic military regime lead by the ruthless General Vasquez has overthrown its democratic government to seize control. As one of a group of covert commandos, the player is charged with infiltrating the rebel stronghold and overthrowing the unelected powerbase. Intelligence reports indicate that Vasquez is due to chair a meeting with his cohorts in an old refinery facility, and a government plant is in place to set up an assassination opportunity for the crack unit. But as the unit arrive on the island, it soon becomes clear that the plan has gone awry, and the team must adapt and use their combat skills if they are to complete the mission.

Realism is at the heart of Sniper Ghost Warrior, and the game enjoys a truly realistic ballistic system that accounts for the distance of a shot, fall-off of the bullet’s trajectory, and environmental factors, such as wind direction. Similarly, the lush jungle environments, allow the user to use the cover of the foliage to take out key targets, while other members of your squad can act as ‘spotters’ to detail the positions of key adversaries. Players must also manage the breathing of their sniper to provide a more accurate shot, while the game’s ‘Bullet Cam’ system offers stunning close-ups as the bullets thud into their unsuspecting targets.

The mission spans 16 stages, starting with the problematic assassination attempt at the refinery, and moving on to oilrigs, a mine, the coast, and a set of ruins as the game’s plot continually surprises. Each level is brought to vivid life with the many rustles of the jungle keeping the player in a constant state of alert, and the sniper elements mixed with incredible firefights, as the enemy break cover and the squad is forced to engage in open combat.

Sniper Ghost Warrior represents a clever take on the military simulation genre, and also allows users to hone their sniper skills in a series of unique multi-player modes, wherein up to 16 players can compete simultaneously.


Sun, 04/04/2010 - 13:39

Not sure how there will be multiplayer if everyone is sniping

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