Microsoft 2011 Christmas Showcase Event

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Christmas is around the corner and Microsoft recently gave us a peek, at what games their releasing this Xmas. Among the titles I saw were Microsoft and Third party publishers games. Including Gears of War 3, Assassins Creed: Revelations, Batman: Arkham City, Forza Motorsport 4 and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

Gears of War 3 Hands-On

The build I played presented me with, co-op multiplayer mode Horde 2.0. Me and 4 other players were placed in a close quarters map, of wave upon wave of enemies. The weapons felt tight accompanied by brilliant sound design.
Although my time was short, this was the most intense co-op mode i've played to date. Epic's found that balance of belonging and  relying on  your team, for survival. This will fulfil the slot of many nights to come, shouting down your headset at friends and gamers around the world.

The newest feature in Horde 2.0 is fortifications, allowing you to deploy barriers, decoys, sentry guns and turrets. Fortifications can be upgraded with money earned from killing foes. Money can also buy you back into the game, after you've died. New weapons and ammo scattered around the map, can also be purchased. Alternatively Team mates can trade weapons, share ammo and give one another money.

Random bonus objectives can reap you many rewards such as more weapons, ammo and cash. Mark down your calendar for what may be 2011's, best shooter in every aspect. 20th September 2011 embarks the arrival of Gears of War 3 available in standard edition, limited edition and Epic edition.

Batman: Arkham City Hands-On

After a warm welcome by Rocksteady's marketing game manager Dax Ginn, I played Arkham City's E3 Demo. After completing Arkham Asylum 8 times, I felt right at home with Arkham City's controls. Controlling Catwoman gives players a new experience, as she feels more agile and quick compared to the Bat. Catwoman's moves are very fluid and uses her whip during combat.

After a run in with Two Face, Catwoman's in a world of danger in Harvey's possession. Switching to Batman, your objective is to save Catwoman in Two Faces courthouse. The first thing I noticed is the bat signal, is used to locate objectives.

After jumping off a roof I got a feel for the new gliding mechanics. Batman can now dive down and glide back up for momentum and grapple hooking buildings gains altitude. Repeating this process gets you around Arkham City.
Fighting some thugs outside the courthouse, I noticed a couple of new moves Batman performed. For instance you can use the explosive gel, on the fly and the grapple hook prepares new takedown moves.

With the story missions said to take 25 hours to complete and that's excluding side missions, I can't wait to lose myself in  Arkham City. Watch this space and we approach 21st October 2011.

Assassins Creed: Revelations First Look

The Demo I was presented with was from E3, as I watched on I witnessed the usual shenanigans from Ezio and some new weapons and features. Ezio meets a man called Yusuf, who becomes a dear acquaintance like Leonardo da Vinci.

New to Ezio's arsenal is grenades, of many variations and effects. New combat moves have been captured as well, one of them is takedowns. Using eagle vision while enemies are chocking from smoke bombs, Ezio can see and kill them.
A new form of transport is also available, with the ability to zip line around environments. Flamethrower cannons is another piece of artillery, utilized on ships in the demo. 

This is one adventure not to be missed this fall and I can't wait to be immersed in Ezio's final chapter, come 15th November 2011 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier First Look

Future Soldier takes full of advantage of Kinect, with weapon customization mode; Gunsmith. Unlike anything you've seen before this is quite extensive. By doing a wide armed hand gesture you can break apart a whole gun. Through voice commands you can sift through the menu, randomize a weapon or construct a weapon for long or short range.

Thereafter you can test out the weapon, using a open and close hand gesture with one hand and use the other to manoeuvre. It is said 20 million variations, can be created in Gunsmith. Ubisoft will be giving an Minority Report like expereince, when Ghost Recon Hits Shelves March 2012.

Forza Motorsport 4 Hands-On

The gameplay is as realistic and fun as possible, finding the right balance to welcome newcomers and satisfy fans of Microsoft's racing simulator. At hand was Forza 4's wireless wheel, which is a u shaped motion controller with shoulder buttons on the back.

It was amazing how accurate the controller corresponded with the game. It was a smooth but clutter less experience and felt seamlessly easy to use and steer with.

The cars seemed realistically configured from the weight and acceleration with great finesse. The graphics are second to none with amazing attention to detail. The Autovista mode showcases the games roster of cars, in all their glory. To know the brilliant lighting effects and overall graphics are credit to the Forza 4's game engine, is an astonishing achievement on Turn 10 Studio's behalf. Be sure to check out Forza 4's pre order bonuses and limited collector's edition right here.


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I can't wait for ACR, your demo video only fuels my impatence.

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