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After avenging the death of most of his family, driving the Borgia out of Rome what was really left for Ezio Auditore da Firenze to do? Find out where Altair left his keys! Is Revelations really a Revelation? Read on to find out.

Poor old Desmond, dragged out of Abstergo and made to get in another Animus to live out another past life. It was only a matter of time before his brain snapped. Now trapped in the Animus he must once again relive the lives of his ancestors Ezio and Altair, whilst finding his way out of the Animus, oh and if possible patch his mind up.


Ezio has decided that because he no longer has anything left to do is go to Constantinople the place where Altair lived some 500 years before and find out where he hid his legendry keys before the Templars can get there grubby little mitts on them. But is this last part of Ezio’s life really as forced as it sounds? Well for starters the game play is not that much different from the previous games. There are some new elements that have been bought in and some new moves. Yes you can climb and set fire to the towers again. Yes you can recruit more assassins again. Yes you can get distracted from what you were meant to be doing.

Ezio arrives in Constantinople and immediately hooks up with the local Assassin’s that are a tad bit more advanced than the Assassin’s that are based in Rome. The introduction of the hook blade is what allows you to slide down the zip-line, also jump up a gap to a higher hand hold, (instead of that iron glove from Brotherhood,) and pull yourself up as well as using it as you normally would. The local Assassin’s also show Ezio how to make bombs to distract, confuse or kill, which are fun to use and also adds an element of game play that in some parts of this game necessary and not just a gimmick. However the rolling over your opponent is quite easy to do and handy if trying to escape guards and run into more.

Taking over areas has made a comeback, work largely as they did in Brotherhood. However be warned if you find yourself on the Templars radar they will attempt to win back any of the areas you have previously secured. In this instance when you get to the Assassin’s Den in that area you are put in control of a squad of Assassin’s. You have to place them in advantageous places to defend the den. If you win fine, but if you lose you need to locate the Captain and kill him to keep control of the area. Unfortunately I find that finding the captain a bit too easy and defending the den is almost impossible. This however has no bearing on the game play as a whole. So my question is what’s the point?Image


Altair hid five keys each made from the same material that the Apple of Eden was made. To find these keys you have to do various explore missions, through mazes of underground caverns. Each time you find one you take it back to an Assassin’s Den and study it. It’s at this point that the game switches to Altairs' parts. With Altair parts you have one mission then when it’s done, back to Ezio. I find it makes for a nice change, the pace of Altair parts have a different pace than the rest of the game, if only in story. Image

Overall I do like this game; some of the new features don’t work as well as hoped and in my mind fall into the gimmick category. There are some good additions to the features and they do outweigh the others but I find that it doesn’t really change the game play enough to stop it feeling like, at times like a rerun of the previous game.

The story seems forced at first, but once the game settles down into a pattern the story really come into its own, it’s compelling and makes you want to know what happens next.





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