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Undoubtedly one of the biggest games to be released for the 3DS will be the remake of  Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Huge news within itself but one that has been overshadowed somewhat by the release of the Metal Gear Solid HD collection for PS3. In order to generate more attention for this release Nintendo have decided to put a demo version of the game on the eShop for players to whet their appetite before the game’s release on March 8th.

Much like the Sons of Liberty demo that came with the original Zone of the Enders game on the Playstation 2, this demo places the player in the very first level of the game, known as the ‘Virtuous Mission’. Like the rest of the game, it’s set during the Cold War. The protagonist, named “Naked Snake”, must rescue a captured scientist from within a Soviet Union facility. That’s pretty much all that is revealed for the demo. There is no opening cutscene, and much of the dialogue focuses on the mission at hand rather than the overall plot.

Even for a first level, the jungle is very well designed. Animals lurk in the long grass waiting to hinder Snake (or become food) in his mission and guards patrol, wary of intruders. In order to help him get by unnoticed, Snake has various camouflages and face paint designs to blend in with the environment. The player can tell their level of concealment due to the Camo Index, a percentage metre that indicates how well Snake is hidden. Snake must also be way of his stamina, which will diminish steadily over the course of the game. In order to keep it topped up Snake has to eat food, in the form of whatever crosses his path.

The game looks sharper than the original, which is impressive considering Snake Eater was one of the Playstation 2′s most visually pleasing games. The controls do have a steep learning curve, but are much easier to handle with the Circle Pad add-on. Regardless of this the demo works very well and certainly works well as an incentive to buy the full game. A full review will be published when the game is released.



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