The Amazing Spider-Man: Free Roam Developer Diary

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In this latest trailer Beenox gives us a sneak peak, at how Spider-Man’s Smartphone is used to navigate missions. In this latest instalment players can free roam Manhattan as Spider-Man like never before. The camera has now been adjusted quite closely behind Spider-Man’s shoulders, making web swinging more immersive than ever. 

Roaming around the city you’ll come across random crimes and in this trailer, the combat system is revealed. Using the face buttons for control you can activate strikes, signature moves and dodge enemies. Objects in the environment such as trash cans, can also be used in combat. 

Other activities involve assisting the police with car chases. Using web rush you can both leep off cars and the environment or perform a signature swing on to an enemies getaway car. From here you can fill their windscreen with Spidey’s web and trap them, in a giant web across two buildings. 

Long time fans will be chuffed with Beenox’s efforts to bring all the action and thrills, from the big screen on a console near you. 

Pre-order The Amazing Spider-Man and receive bonus content when the game is released on 29th June 2012, for Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii/DS/3DS and PC. 


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