Guild Wars 2 Review

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Guild Wars 2

Its finally here! After a 5 year wait the biggest, best, most popular F2P MMORPG has made a return. Guild Wars 2, after a lot of first looks, is ready to blow away all of the competition like RIFT and WoW (Which are both p2p after a certain point). The Graphics have changed, they’re more of an art style now whereas before GW went for the more realistic approach. I think that this is a better way to go with it though, it still looks beautiful and it makes it easier for everything to flow together. The combat is revolutionary with the skills. There just isn’t another game out there where the in-combat skills are this immersive and true to the description of the skill. It’s no longer imagining what the skill should look like, the development team have thought of it and made the animation and physics of the combat superb and unmatched. Playing Guild Wars 2 feels completely different to any of its rivals, but still relatable to the previous instalment of the series. The main story is different to each individual character; depending on the back story that you choose. This is similar to what Bioware done in the Mass Effect series, which I can say was a brilliant way of making your character different to others. I look forward to playing this game some more, the updated magic and combat skills are brilliant and it really is a very enjoyable experience, 5/5.



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