Borderlands 2 Preview

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The game that popularized shoot and loot is back, bigger and better than ever. Borderlands 2 has a bazillion procedurally built weapons, guaranteeing no one will have the same gun. They can be traded with friends in four player co-op or local/online split screen.

Pandora is the fictional setting of the game and has changed since the events of the first title. The environment stretches far beyond sand and dirt, with the likes of icy and toxic landscapes to explore. The barren wasteland is under the reign of Handsome Jack, who is driving Pandora in to the ground and eliminating Bandits.


Our four new vault hunters are on a mission to free Pandora of Handsome Jack with a lot of firepower. Axton can deploy turrets anywhere and enforce large explosions with a bomb attached to it. Salvador is a Gunzerker and dual welds two weapons in rage and becomes damage resistant. Maya has possession of mystical powers that can be unleashed on the battlefield. Zero is an assassin and creates holographic decoys of himself, to gain the advantage on foes.

Every character can be customized by sifting through different heads and skins. Money, gear and experience earned from missions help you obtain new and better skills. This time bomb's are a plenty and come in many desired effects, from incendiary to attachable acid explosives.

With the campaign weighing in at 58 hours and a bazillion weapons to find, Borderlands 2 is offering a lot of bang for your buck. Watch this space as we approach the games release on 21st September 2012 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.


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