Dishonored: Path to Revenge Trailer

Dishonored is fairly open world in its level design and features multiple ways to complete missions. Players truly have the freedom to choose their own adventure as the supernatural assassin; Corvo. In this latest interactive trailer we are given a sample of a level in Dishonored, with the choice to watch the playthrough as you see fit.

Will you sneak your way to the target, use distractions or go in guns blazing? There are multiple ways to tackle the level and you can check out every single one. Dunwall is the setting of the game and the protagonist has been framed for the Empress's murder. To seek revenge he is forced to become an assassin and dish out justice.

Arkane Studios could be on to one of the best games this generation. Be the first to experience Dishonored when it's released for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on 12th October 2012.


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