WWE 13: Universe 3.0 Trailer

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WWE 13 puts the attitude back in to wrestling by reliving the glory days of WWE when the company was competing with WCW. In this latest trailer were shown the new and improved Universe Mode, promising hours on end of content. If playing out the same shows and PPV's bores you then create your own and decide who holds the titles or set up your dream match.

There are 200 storylines and cinematic's featured in the game and an all new branching storyline mechanic. This allows the player to decide how they will play key moments in a match by listing possible actions you could take. All match cards can be customized to your favourite match types and this year you can expect extensive stat tracking.

Paul Heyman is the creative rabbi of the game and is most definitely credited for the storylines seen in the Universe Mode. Relive the attitude era when WWE 13 is released on 2nd November 2012 for PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.


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