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The game that introduced so many of us to the “horde” mode, which has been replicated to great success in big multiplayer shooting game titles, and stole too many hours of our time to think about is back with a new instalment and a multiplayer that looks just as awesome.  Here’s a complete run down of some of the most important things to know about Gears of War Judgement multiplayer!

Game Modes

The game modes we know about so far for GOW Judgement include:


OverRun is a class-based competitive multiplayer that is a combination of the popular Beast and Horde modes from previous titles, this time pitted against each other. OverRun is a five vs five attack & defend game mode, where the COG team is always defending, and the Locust are always attacking.  Players have the opportunity to play as both attacker and defender, with the defending COG protecting sealed Emergence Holes, preventing them from unleashing a flood of Kryll and the attacking Locust trying to uncover them before being destroyed by a Hammer of Dawn attach.

Team Deathmatch:

The classic game mode that pits two teams of 5 players against each other to make kills and deplete the enemy respawns before your own team’s have been used up.  Always a favourite and a must-play mode that returns for another outing.


No teams, just fight for yourself against all other players until the time runs out! Score the most points to win.


Domination is another 5v5 team-based game mode.  Teams fight over three rings placed across the map, controlling a ring earns the team points with the the first team to 250 points winning the match. 


Gears of War Judgement Multiplayer 2

Playable Characters

As well as a host of unlocakble characters and others yet to be confirmed, Young Marcus, Young Dom, Anya, Sam, Dizzy, COG Gear and Onyx Guard are all playable.

  • Damon Baird
  • Augustus Cole
  • Aftermath Cole
  • Sofia Hendrik
  • Minh Young Kim
  • Clayton Carmine
  • Garron Paduk
  • Aftermath Paduk
  • Tai Kaliso
  • Ezra Loomis
  • Onyx Guard
  • Female Onyx Guard
  • Young Marcus (Pre-Order Bonus)
  • Young Dom (Pre-Order Bonus)
  • Anya Stroud (Pre-Order Bonus)
  • Alex Brand (Pre-Order Bonus)
  • Jungle Tai (Promo Code) 
  • Aftermath Baird (Promo code)
  • Grayson Hunt (From Bulletstorm)
  • Trishka Novak (From Bulletstorm)
  • Epic Reaper (See below)

Epic Reaper

The Epic Games team let us know recently that every week one member of the active multiplayer community will be selected to play as the “Epic Reaper” in multiplayer matches, a unique character that has special abilities and movement making him hard to shoot and kill.  Manage to find and kill an Epic Reaper and you’ll be rewarded with a unique Reaper Medal and an equally exclusive custom weapon skin!  If you’re the player selected to play as the Reaper you’ll also receive a set of exclusive GOW Judgement dog tags.  Want to play as the Reaper? Well there’s two ways to do so – be an Epic Games employee or be selected by the team based on your contributions to the community! While “contributions to the community” are as illusive and hard to pin down as the Epic Reaper itself, I’m sure we’ll find out more soon – in the meantime you can nominate someone for it on Twitter with the Hashtag #GearsReaper or on their official forum.

Gears of War Judgement Multiplayer 1

COG Classes



Special Ability

Good For



Gnasher Shotgun, Blowtorch

Auto-Turret Deployment


Repairing stuff


Mark II Lancer Assault Rifle, Sawed-Off Shotgun

Stim-Gas Grenade

Healing and reviving


Markza, Snub Pistol

Beacon Grenade

Tagging enemies


Booshka, Mark II Lancer Assault Rifle

Ammo Crate

All rounder, restocking team.


 Locust Classes




Special Ability

Good for



Gnasher Shotgun, Mark II Lancer Assault Rifle 

Frag Grenade 




Hammerburst Assault Rifle 





Claws, Self-Destruct 


Blowing stuff up, eating stuff that blows stuff up.




Claws, Pounce 

Stunning Scream 







Bypassing fortifications




Explosive Flail, Shield (Spinning) 

Spin Shield 

Spinning back enemy fire



Breechshot, Claws (Enraged) 


Getting angry, killing things while angry




Acid Spit (Reared Up), Electric Bite

Rear Up

Taking high ground


Gears of War Judgement Multiplayer 3

 New Grenades and Weapons

As well as new grenades and weapons, you’ll also be able to throw ‘nades with no wind up, ideal for quick and close up & personal occasions.

Sticky Grenades: Just like classic Frag Grenades, these cause big damage to opponents, and also stick to what they’re thrown at before detonation.

Beacon Grenades: A tactical grenade that electronically tags all enemy targets in its blast area, revealing their position for a short time, even though walls and other obstacles.

Stim Grenades: Ideal for Medics and support players, it emits a cloud of healing gas that instantly heals friendly targets within its radius.

Markza: This semi-automatic rifle is idea for medium range shoot-outs, with big ammo capacity and a scope for accuracy at distance.

Breechshot: Firing higher-calibre bullets, the stock has been retrofitted with a melee blade giving it a short-range punch too.

Booshka:  This grenade launcher is capable of tossing smart shells that explode instantly if they hit an enemy, or explode after a short timer if it bounces of walls.

Multiplayer Rewards

Gears of War Judgement features bigger bonuses for players who do well in matches as well as “Prize Boxes” which allow you to earn bonus XP and exclusive skins.

Gears of War Judgement Multiplayer 4


A wide range of new maps are available, with details of 2 initially released:

GONDOLA: The Gondola Map brings chaos and destruction to the executive lifestyle as the Coastal Villa Apartments that are part of the exclusive Halvo community (located in the prestigious Agora foothills) play host to fierce multiplayer matches.  While residents enjoy a host of interior upgrades, and each unit features an ocean view from a private patio or balcony players rampage against each other in classic Gears style.  This quiet, gated community is located only a short gondola ride from shops and businesses.  

LIBRARY: The Alexiy Desipich Memorial Library is not a library in the traditional sense, but rather an archive of important documents surrounding his life, career, and personal interests.  It’s also the location of GOW Judgement multiplayer carnage!  An avid historian, politician, and philosopher, Desipich is most remembered as the father and creator of the Austere Canon, the basis for the Coalition of Ordered Governments, which was shaped around eight guiding principles: Order, Diligence, Purity, Labor, Honour, Loyalty, Faith, and Humility.  That’s all well and good – but where’s the good cover spots?

Other playable maps include:

  • Island
  • Skyline
  • Junkyard
  • Estate
  • Streets
  • Rig


Don’t forget to check out the multiplayer video from Epic!


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