25 Facts about GTA V

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Grand Theft Auto V is 13 days away from release, so why not get acquainted with some facts about the game while your waiting.

1)    For the first time in the GTA series there will be female police officers
2)    All weapons in the game will be customizable
3)    The city of Los Santos is bigger than GTA IV, GTA Sanandreas and Red Dead  Redemption combined
4)    GTA V is the first game in the series to introduce three protagonists
5)    Each protagonist has special abilities such as slowing down time and taking less damage
6)    Dogs and other animals make a first appearance in GTA V
7)    Players can buy and customise dogs
8)    Animals can be hunted
9)    The Lost MC, Ballas and Grove street gangs make a return
10)   Players can switch between the three protagonists at any time
11)   Much like Red Dead Redemption players can stumble upon random encounters such as broken down motorists asking for help
12)    Car customisation returns
13)    Underwater exploration is possible with a submarine or scuba diving equipment
14)    The ocean floor will be thriving with life such as sharks
15)    The protagonists clothes can be customized
16)    Tattoo parlours return
17)    Players can buy property
18)    Golf, cycling and tennis are one of many activities
19)    Franklin can self medical with medicinal marijuana
20)    Weapons are now permanently stored in your inventory
21)    In  GTA Online you can customise your character, cars, weapons, rob banks with friends, create your own races, participate in deathmatches or explore Los Santos freely
22)    Heists are the main theme of the game
23)    Heists are set up by the player and can be carried out guns blazing or smartly
24)    Cars you leave around the city are taken to an impound
25)    Grand Theft Auto V DLC is region locked.


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