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Game Hub is everyone's opportunity to start or extend their career in video game journalism. Using Game Hub as their platform anyone and everyone is invited to create an account and write about what they love about the games industry - from news, reviews and previews to editorial, concept art, features and industry comments Game Hub provides the perfect platform to start making your mark. No strict guidelines, No strict entry requirements and No strict editors.  Game Hub is your platform, come and use it.

You'll find posts from a variety of perspectives, writers and subjects - it's what makes Game Hub the site it is. 

Post about whatever you are interested in from the world of games, there are no strict editorial requirements - drop us a line on admin [at] game-hub.co.uk any time to start your account.


Game Hub is an open platform for games journalism where anyone can register and start their portfolio of posts covering the games industry. To make the most of your passion for games, for your career, qualification or just for fun - create your account today.

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