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Playstation 4 Games Revealed

The Playstation 4 has a promising future with a strong line up of games showcased at Sony's event in New York. One aspect that was evident across all the games shown was that the PS4 can render more objects on screen, use more high resolution textures, shaders, models and display advanced lighting effects.

Here are some of the games you can expect on PS4:


Playstation 4 Officially Announced and Coming Holiday 2013

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Sony has announced their next generation console; Playstation 4. It features a supercharged architecture, X86 CPU, 8GB Memory and a local storage HDD. The new DualShock 4 controller features a touch input, interaction with a stereo camera, headphone jack, a light bar and a share button.


The share button is a simple way to share your experience with friends. This ranges from pictures and videos of what your playing, so peers can spectate and talk. Another interesting function is the ability to take over a game someone else is playing. Instead of watching a walkthrough to pass a level, Playstation 4 will allow a professional gamer or friend to help you out.

Upon switching on PS4 you can continue on from when you last played. Facebook will be a part of the socializing experience and players will have profile pages, showing recent activity.  

You can also play any game before you purchase it, even while it's downloading. This is powered by the Cloud service known as Gaikai and Sony will be working with UStream. Games will also be updated in the background and you'll be able to play them remotely on Playstation Vita. The service is said to work with Smartphone's, tablets and PS3.Trophies have returned and the same goes for add on content.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Launch Trailer

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Ni No Kuni is an epic adventure with production values on par with a motion picture and sets a standard for anime games. The game seamlessly transitions form cutscenes to gameplay without detracting from its art direction.  This is all thanks to legendary animators at Studio Ghibli and the artists at LEVEL-5.

Players take control of Oliver and travel to a magical world to get rid of its tyrants.  In the process battles will commence and friends will be gained to ultimately bring back Oliver's mother. This immersive tale will pull at your heartstrings and make it your responsibility to succeed in Oliver's goals. Very few games successfully convey such emotions, especially in their trailers.

The voice acting sounds great, the art style is beautifully fitting and the game features almost 40 hours of content. Embark on your journey today and lose yourself in the world of Ni No Kuni, available now exclusively on PS3.

Hitman HD Collection Screens

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Hitman fans around the world can rejoice as the HD Collection containing Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Hitman: Contracts and Hitman: Blood Money is set for release on 1st February 2013 for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The compilation will support Achievements and Trophies, ranging from ranking challenges, weapon purchases and difficulty completions. This will be the first time PS3 owners get to experience Hitman: Blood Money and it will be the first time for Xbox 360 owners play Hitman: Contracts and Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.

The latest screenshots released show off classic missions in the series. It will be great to revisit your favourite missions and be rewarded for your efforts this time with Achievements and Trophies. Back in the day you would invite your friends over to prove you've attained a certain score but Achievements and Trophies have definitely changed that. Hitman: Absolution is the latest game in the series and was well received when it was released last November.

Revisit the origins of the series when the Hitman HD Collection is released on 1st February 2013 for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Dead Space 3 Preview and Demo News

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This latest entry in the Dead Space series takes a more directed focus on co-op, which at first thought sounds like a detraction from the series we've grown to love. However in actual fact it expands upon the narratives scope and gives you a much needed companion, to sustain the onslaught of Necromorphs on the planet Tau Volantis. While it's possible to play the campaign solo as Isaac, it's recommended to play with a friend to see the game from a different point of view.

John Carver is a new playable character with a traumatic past and brings in additional elements to the story and uncovers paths and clues, Isaac can't see. Co-op is seamlessly integrated into the single player experience, so friends can drop in and out without having to wait for each other to progress. 

Weapon crafting is one of the main features of the game and allows you to create a unique weapon that can be shared with the rest of the world. This allows you to tweak your favourite weapon and possibly attach a flamethrower to it, to become the ultimate force in the games frozen planet.

One to Watch: Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

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Spoiler Alert: First hour of the plot revealed!

Legendary animators at Studio Ghibli have teamed up with LEVEL-5 to create a visually stunning role-playing game called Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, exclusively for Playstation 3. The narrative starts out as an emotional journey for our young protagonist named Oliver. When his mother dies he's all alone in the world but his tears breathe a new life into his doll known as Drippy. Oliver is exposed to an alternate world where Drippy resides and is promised the revival of his mother if he helps Drippy in his world.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch features:

Assassin's Creed III: Liberation Preview

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Assassin's Creed III: Liberation is exclusive to Playstation Vita and is the first game in the series to have a female protagonist. The female Assassin known as Aveline is of French and African descent that rises against injustice. The game takes place in 1765 New Orleans, overrun by Spanish soldiers enforcing slavery and oppression. Aveline will be using her charm to prey upon targets across the city and the bayou.

The game makes full use of the PS Vita features by using the touch screen to chain together attacks and the rear touch panel to row a boat. In terms of graphics they seem to be fairly good for a handheld device but it remains to be seen how many characters can be rendered on screen. Overall it's a must have entry for Assassin's Creed fans and a fantastic opportunity, to experience the series on the go.

Watch this space as Assassin's Creed III: Liberation arrives on the PS Vita on 31st October 2012.

Dishonored: How Will You Play?

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Dishonored allows players to play the game in multiple ways using various game mechanics. The stealthy approach to missions would be to use distractions and lean around corners, to avoid being seen. AI is very aware of your movement and will be alerted to footsteps, should you decide to run in their vicinity.

Corvo's arsenal of weapons includes a blade, pistol and crossbows, all of which can be used simultaneously. The same goes for his powers and when there chained together you can expect devastating effects.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Review

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High Moon Studio's have created the best Transformers game in recent history and provided fantastic fan service. Fall of Cybertron is the true experience fans have been asking for taking inspiration from the lore of the cartoon, rather than Michael Bay's cinema adaptation. Following the events of the last game the Autobots want to leave Cybertron but the Decepticons would rather destroy them.

Every mission focuses on a different character and is tailored towards their abilities in terms of level design. This ensures a varied experience with environments constantly changing and little room for a dull moment. During Optimus Prime's level you have the ability to call mortar strikes (or Metroplex for assistance) when your pinned down. Giving the player control of strikes makes you feel powerful and gives you an idea of the battles scale. Other levels have characters who can zipline and another that transforms into a dinosaur breathing out fire.

Borderlands 2 Preview

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The game that popularized shoot and loot is back, bigger and better than ever. Borderlands 2 has a bazillion procedurally built weapons, guaranteeing no one will have the same gun. They can be traded with friends in four player co-op or local/online split screen.

Pandora is the fictional setting of the game and has changed since the events of the first title. The environment stretches far beyond sand and dirt, with the likes of icy and toxic landscapes to explore. The barren wasteland is under the reign of Handsome Jack, who is driving Pandora in to the ground and eliminating Bandits.


Prototype 2 Review

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Sergeant James Heller is one angry super soldier, mourning his families death due to the Blacklight Virus (AKA Mercer Virus). The virus has spread across New York and it's been 2 years since the last event. With a blaze of fury against Alex Mercer, his beloveds passing will be avenged at any cost.

Right from the get go you can run up buildings and glide across the city like a flying squirrel. NYZ has been split into three zones, each one being progressively worse. The scale of each zone is reasonably large and mainly differentiated by environment effects or destroyed buildings.

Radical Entertainment has perfectly captured the feeling of being invincible. Heller is literally immortal compared to the inhabitants of NYZ, bullets and missiles barely scratch his jacket. Especially when you start upgrading his abilities, strength and health with experience points. Upgrades are frequent and measured by experience points, which are easily obtained after any skirmish.

This is a great way to reward players for their efforts and progressively get stronger. It's not long though, before your path of destruction becomes effortless and the challenge is minimal. Nonetheless your abilities are far too entertaining to get bored.

Battlefield 3 Premium Trailer

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Take your Battlefield 3 experience to the next level with the latest Premium add-on, available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Purchasing Battlefield 3 Premium entitles you to 5 expansion packs and early access. This includes Back to Karkand, Close Quarters, Armoured Kill, Aftermath and End Game.  You also get 20 new weapons, over 10 more vehicles and more customization items.

Battlefield 3 was released last year and became the most visually stunning shooter for its realism. This is all thanks to the Frostbite 2 engine by DICE, producing the most realistic lighting conditions and shaders seen in the Battlefield series.

The Premium add-on is available now, with enough content to keep the upmost enthusiast content. Be sure to pre-order Medal of Honor: Warfighter, to gain access to the Battlefield 4 beta. The new Medal of Honor is also powered by Frostbite 2 and will be released for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on 26th October 2012.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Launch Trailer

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Valve's Source Filmmaker helps build up the intensity of this tactical shooter, with a cinematic launch trailer. The game which pioneered team base action gameplay, has been revitalised with updated classic maps and new content. Ranging from new weapons, characters, maps and gameplay modes.

 This is the first time the multiplayer phenomenon will be gracing a console near you. CS:GO is slated to release on Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network on 22nd August 2012.  The PC and Apple Mac version is being released today on Steam with a total of 167 achievements to unlock.

If your planning to purchase the PC version you’ll be pleased to know, CS:GO is easy on the hardware when it comes to system requirements. Windows XP is supported and can also be played on Windows Vista/7. An Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Phenom X3 processor is required as a minimum and 1 or 2GB of ram will be sufficient. In terms of graphics cards any DirectX 9 card or better will be stable enough to run the game.

Sleeping Dogs Launch Trailer

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Wei Shen may be a Police Officer but he's struggling to be civilised, whilst infiltrating the Triads.  As a member of the Sun On Yee, you will need to prove yourself via aggression and cold blooded attacks. Climbing up the ranks will lead to the inevitable showdown with the Sun On Yee dragon, the man you've been tasked to take down.

Use Wei's fighting skills, experience with firearms and fine tuned driving to take out the Triads, however you like. United Front Games have crafted an epic action game that sends cars derailing off the road after a shot to the tires and a brutal combat system, which allows you to use the environment to your advantage.

This is the first game I've seen that allows you to throw enemies in the boot of your car and slam their  heads with a car door. There's also some player customization with purchasable clothes, which affects how fellow Triads perceive you.

17th August is around the corner now and it won't be long before your playing Sleeping Dogs on either PS3, Xbox 360 or PC.

Sleeping Dogs: George St-Pierre

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George St-Pierre has had a major hand in crafting an authentic combat system in Sleeping Dogs. Using his expertise and passion for his field, George was able to give  animators useful feedback to correlate the impact moves  have in real life to the game. The developers felt his fighting style reflected what they had incorporated in game and was fitting to invite him to their studio.

Although it may not be possible in the shipped game, we are given a glimpse of what it would be like to fight a dozen or more enemies on screen.  Square Enix have also announced a George St-Pierre pre-order bonus, which includes his outfit (T-shirt, headband, shorts) and signature flying punch as a move in the game.

One of the great things about these behind the scenes videos is we get a chance to understand the mindset of the developers. It also gives us a glimpse at what development tools are used and Autodesk 3D's Max is evident in this trailer.

Take a trip to Hong Kong when Sleeping Dogs is out on 17th August 2012 for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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