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To write for Game Hub

Game Hub writers should be able to write competently about the gaming economy, market place, indie games, casual gaming, professional gaming, health implications of gaming or anything else related to gaming

Paid Positions

We're prepared to pay 1 or 2 good quality writers to fulfil and senior writers/editor position for which a nominal fee of up to £20 a month will be paid for their time. There will be a pre arranged per-article commitment for all paid positions. All writers that are paid will be taken on in a freelance/contractual arrangement and will be required to send in invoices to be renumerated.

This kind of position is ideal for anyone who has written for blogs or websites before and is looking to take on a more important role in the running of a website's content. It is also suitable for younger people looking to build their journalistic experience and anyone else who can commit their time and effort.

Voluntary Positions

Content writers will be taken on board on a voluntary basis but there will be a minimum, per article, commitment required from any one joining our team

Voluntary positions are suitable for anyone interested in gaming and who can write gaming related content.

Contact us any time to apply for a position with us or to ask a question! We look forward to hearing from you!

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