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eSports and Professional Gaming

eSports ("electronic sports") is a term relating to playing video games as a professional sport/activity and, in many instances, as a paid career subsidised by tournament winnings or sponsorship. Games generally associated with eSports are first-person shooters such as Counter Strike and Quake 4, sports games like the latest incarnations of FIFA or Pro Evo and real-time strategies like Warcraft, Command and Conquer and the Age of Empires games. eSport competitors, also known as Cyber Athletes or Professional Gamers, compete in organised tournaments and leagues, both face-to-face and online, to win prize money, sponsorship and of course kudos! eSports in the UK and Europe receives little media or public attention compared to the likes of the Far East where it has become more mainsteam and commercial. Recently though, with the launch of xleague.tv and various other TV channels showing interest in airing some of the big tournaments and sponsorship and prize money increasing in value eSports looks set to grow. Read More about eSports.

Electronic Sports in the UK

The eSports scene in the UK is dominated by the two organisations of xleague.tv and the UK Electronic Sports World Cup. xleague.tv, Sky Channel 208, is dedicated to seasonal and monthly gaming competitions, organised and played online, with the finals and one off competitions played in their studio and aired on TV. With prize money up for grabs to the winners, but competitions open to everyone who registers, xleague.tv has brought eSports and high level gaming to the masses and made a big step in bringing it more into the public eye. Other companies offering competetive gaming and leagues include, amongst many others, Jolt and Enemy Down, which are great for strengthening the industry and building up both high level and grass roots online gaming. gotfrag has an excellent site dedicated to eSports and professional gaming and has an excellent wiki that anyone interested in this subject should check out.

Professional Gaming Equipment

Professional standards of training and play require professional quality equipment and an inustry has developed around eSports, and the general public's lust to top their online leaderboard, to provide high quality gaming machines and peripherals. Pro-Gamers need pro-gaming equipment and we've listed the top names in the industry here. If you need the best gaming equipment, these guys will be able to help.

Steel Series Gaming Equipment
Raptor Gaming Equipment
Razer Gaming Equipment
Logitech Gaming Equipment

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