What is Game Hub?

Game Hub is a leading UK Video Games Blog covering news, reviews, previews, features and editorials about the gaming industry.

How Can I write for Game Hub?

Easy - Follow the 3 steps below and you'll be publishing your work on Game Hub in no time.

  1. Register an account
  2. Send a sample of your work, or links to work published online, to admin [at] game-hub.co.uk
  3. After being reviewed you will be contacted by a site admin and your account activated so you can publish your work at Game Hub.

What do I get out of writing for Game Hub?

  • Video game journalism experience
  • Online writing experience
  • Experience of using a Content Management System and "Writing for web".
  • Access to exclusive Press Only game assets, previews and information
  • Review copies of games
  • Download codes for console games DLC, PC DLC and mobile games.
  • Invites to exclusive Press Only game launches and events
  • Build up your games journalism reputation online
  • And of course... Writing about a subject you're passionate about and that you enjoy - Gaming!

Read comments from Game Hub writers below about their experience of writing for us.

Brendan Griffiths:

"Game Hub is a great site to write for and helped me gain so much experience in the video game journalism industry, as well as access to review copies from such high end publishers like Sony, EA, 2K, Activision, Bethesda, Codemasters and Warner Brothers. Sign up for the team and you'll be able to get press credentials for publisher's online press assets and access to GamesPress.co.uk. Put the work in and you might even be able to blag a press pass for events like the Eurogamer Expo. Game Hub is the only independent site I've written for that has been able to wrangle invites to awesome launch parties too. Having an easy access personal article history will look great on your CV too."

Rohin Bhatia:

”Game-Hub has given me the opportunity to get involved in the games industry in the form of Video Games Journalism. Doing so has given me an insight as to how the media operates. Jason (The Admin) has been supportive of me from the start and without this I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all that I have so far”.


    Article guide

      Try to write articles in 4 sections:


    1. An introduction that summarises the whole article and what its conclusions or findings are.
    2. First section of main material of the article, or first point(s) in your article
    3. Second section of main material, or seconday main points.
    4. Conclusion, summary of what you've said and what your final/lasting thought on the subject is.
    • Articles can be as long as you like, but bear in mind most readers don't want to read an eipc. The minimum word count for any article is 150 - the site cannot publish articles shorter than this.
    • Long articles can benefit from a "Part 1", "Part 2" approach.
    • Write your articles offline first, (e.g. in Microsoft Word)
    • Pasting from Word Processors to websites like Game Hub doesn't work well.  Paste your articles into Notepad first, and then into the website content area.  This removes any formatting that may not work online.  You can then apply any formatting or links you need to put into the article.


    Slide shows are the best kind of content to make at Game Hub.  A slide show is a normal article with several images presented above.  To create a slide show follow the steps below:

    1. Write article offline as normal and paste into the content area as normal.
    2. Find 3 or more images online or from PR contacts. Save to your computer. Resize image to 450 wide using something like Paint.net (free and REALLY easy to use)
    3. Upload image to the site via the Slideshow section when creating content.

    Getting Started

    1. Log in
    2. Click Create Content from the Navigation menu
    3. Select which type of content you wish to make.

    Guide to Fields:


    Enter a title for your article - something relevant to the article and exciting enough to want people to read it!


    Select the most relevant category - select from the drop down menu. Put an article in a max of 2 categories. Always assign at least one category. If there's no relevant category put it in Games Industry or Misc.


    Paste in your article that you've pre-written in Word and pasted into Notepad first to remove formatting.

    Input Format

    IMPORTANT: Input Format must be selected as FULL HTML.


    To upload and use an image in your article:

    Upload a picture stored on your computer by clicking the  Browse Button - navigate to and select the image on your computer. Leave thumbnail size at 100, ignore scale image, and enter a relevant title and description of your image. Click upload.

    On the Browse Tab of the image picker section you can see all images that have been previously uploaded - select the best way to order the images shown to help find the one you need. Click the image you want to use. Select the following settings:

    Align - set to None
    Show - set to either full size if it's a sensible size, or select the thumbnail
    Link - select None

    Then simply drag and drop the image upwards into the article body where you want it. Align the image either left of right by selecting the image in the body and click the align left or align right buttons, same as for text.

    Meta tags

    - Keywords: Enter 4 or 5 keywords or short phrases to describe your article
    - Description - Briefly describe your article - about 10 words

    Click preview to preview article, or Submit to set it live on the site.

    Should you need to re-edit your article again, make sure you are logged into the site, find the article, view it, and click edit. Only the author of an article can edit it.

    How much and when to post?

    We'd love for you to write an article on Game Hub every day but realistically this is hard for most people. One or 2 articles a week is a manageable amount.  Remember, Game Hub is the ideal place for you to gain experience and build up your reputation as a writer so the more you write, the better.


    Article Rules and Guidelines

    • Don't rip off and directly copy someone else work from another site or another game hub writer.
    • It's fine to use the facts and details of an article found on another site as the basis of your article, but the opinions, style, theme and bulk of the content must be yours
    • Don't submit anything that is untrue
    • Don't submit anything that is unjustly harsh on anyone or anything else.
    • Only link to reputable and legitimate sites.
    • An article should only really link to 1 or 2 sites max.
    • By registering and submitting content on game hub you agree to abide by these terms and conditions, our content policy and privazy policy.

    Where to get your stories from

    • Previews of games not yet released
    • Reviews of games you own or have been sent
    • News relating to anything in the gaming industry you find
    • Features or editorials on anything in the gaming industry.
    • Set up a google news/google alerts account and get it to send daily updates on the themes you are going to write on. This will help you pick up on up-to-date stories. Suggested keywords are things like: gaming, esports, video game news, gaming studies, gaming business, mobile gaming etc etc.
    • Check the official press and press release pages of relevant companies
    • Try to register an account here: http://www.gamespress.com/. Because you'll be registering with a non-game hub address they might ask you who you write for and why you're applying. Say you are a content writer for game-hub.co.uk and tell them to contact admin [@] game-hub.co.uk if they have any questions.
    • Check the national press and news sites for any relevant games stories that have made it into them.
    • Follow your favourite games, franchises or up-coming titles for news and previews that interest you.
    • Over time you'll pick up on the best sites to source stories from for you.

    Game Hub Points

    Every time you write an article or make a comment on Game Hub you'll earn Game Hub Points. 


    • 10 Points for an article
    • 3 Points for a comment.

    Game Hub points are identifiers of how active you are on the site and signify how much content you've contributed to it. They show how much you've helped to develop the site and help you show off how much you've contributed to the community.

    All points are moderated and approved by site admins.

    We'll send a £10 gift voucher to anyone who genuinely achieves 500 points from proper content, and a further £10 gift for any further 500 points earnt. This is not designed as any kind of payment, but as a thank you and a reward for anyone who posts lots of good content and becomes a valuable member of the content team.