Strategy Games

The very best online strategy games have been selected and reviewed for the Game Hub directory.

The strategy game section focusses primarily on war strategy gaming and only features games that can be played or downloaded online without the need to buy or use disks.

Age of Empires Online

A classic Age of Empires game with bags of charm, plenty of game play and big range of civs and units to enjoy.

  • Historic civs and units
  • Single player campaigns
  • Big tech trees and upggrades
  • Customisable capital city
  • Classic Age Of franchise

Settlers Online

Build a might city from your humble settlement in this classic Settlers game now online and browser based.

  • Class Settlers fun
  • Build a village to a mighty city
  • Browser based - no downloads
  • Production chains
  • Military building

League of Legends

Take control of a powerful Champion to lead your team to success in this fantasty strategy game.

  • Control a powerful Champion
  • Fantasy style
  • Level up and customise
  • Wide range of Champions
  • Practice Mode


Fantasy online strategy game that combines card collecting with real time strategy with you at the helm.

  • Combined card game and strategy
  • Build and manage card decks
  • Resource and unit management
  • Single and Multiplayer
  • Good fantasy graphics

Forge of Empires

Guide your city from the Stone Age to the High Middle Ages in this historical strategy game.

  • Advance your city through time
  • Stone Age to High Middle Ages
  • Accurate buildings and techs
  • Customise via tech trees
  • Conquer the continent


Award winning fantasy strategy game with RPG questing and city building all in the browser.

  • RPG and city building strategy
  • Award winning
  • Fantasy setting
  • Daily challenges
  • Three different classes

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