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PC Vs Console Gaming Part 1

PC Vs Console Gaming Part 1

SteelSeries to Sponsor Major e-sports events

SteelSeries to Sponsor Major eSports Events

SteelSeries have announced another e-sports partnership, this time with the world’s largest LAN event festival organisers, DreamHack. DreamHack are recognised across the world for staging some of the biggest and best LAN parties, demo-parties and general computer festivals.

Will the iphone kill dedicated hand-held gaming consoles?

With Apple recently announcing the launch of the iphone 3G plus itunes 7 around the corner with an iTunes application store allowing you to download, amongst other things, games, are Apple about to shake up the handheld gaming market?

Sony Signs Deal for In Game Advertising

Sony have agreed their first in-game advertising deal this week with IGA Worldwide to open up this so far untapped revenue potential for the PS3. IGA already serve hundreds of millions of ads a week within premium retail pc and console games and have no added PS3 gamers to their reach.

Gaming its all in your head

A recent study by the Stanford University School of Medicine researchers has demonstrated that the part of the human brain that gives us feelings of reward and accomplishment is more activated in men than women when playing video games. This goes to explain why males are more excited by, and more likely to become hooked on, video games than females.

To complete the study the researchers designed a game involving a vertical line (the “wall”) in the middle of a computer screen. 10 balls are on the right of the wall and travel toward it. When a ball is clicked, it disappears. If the balls are kept away from the wall, the wall moves to the right and the player gains territory, if not - they lose territory. 11 men and 11 women were tested and, hooked up to scientific equipment, dynamic images of brain activity were produced to which parts of the brain were working during game play. Both men and women were motivated to win the game and understood what to do, but the men were more motivated to succeed.

Video games WONT make you blind

An American study actually found that playing video games is good for your eyes

A video games study conducted at the University of Rochester in the US has found that people who play video games, especially action games, for a couple of hours a day over the a month may see a 20 percent improvement in their vision. Video games, according to this study, changes the way the brain processes visual information.

Action games, according to the study, push the player's visual system to its limits and the brain learns to adapt to it and consequently improve. The subjects were given an eye test such as used at regular opticians and then divided into 2 groups--one played FPS action games for an hour a day while the control group played a less visually complex game. Their vision was tested after the study and those who played the FPS games scored better on the eye exam. This means that visual defects and injuries could in future be treated with, probably not a session on COD4, but some other type of visually demanding games.

Kids think games do make them more violent

Kids think games do make them more violent

Broadcasting regulator OFCOM has conducted a survey in the UK about violence in video games.

The survey has found that most children believe violent computer games do lead to aggressive behaviour, a hot topic again following GTA IVs release, which smashed the first week sales record in the UK and of course revolves around Nico Belic's rise in the criminal world of Libery City.

Sony Looking at a Bright Future

The Future's Bright, the Future's Sony?

This week nearly a thousand games journalists gathered in London for a peek at Playstation's future. I'm bringing you some of the key points below direct from the Sony press center.

SteelSeries and Begrip unite

SteelSeries and Begrip unite

SteelSeries has been announced as the main sponsor for Begrip Gaming.

SteelSeries, which is a leading manufacturer of innovative professional/eSports gaming equipment is to be the official sponsorship partner for Begrip Gaming, which is an internationally recognised multi-gaming eSports organisation based in Karlskrona, Sweden.

Top Marks For Gaming

Top Marks For Gaming

The Stress Institute, some clever bods in the US, have identified gaming as a fantastic way to beat the stress in the build up to exams and deadlines. As a cause of both physical and mental illnesses, the experts have concluded that playing so called "casual games" is great for releasing stress busting hormones and endorphins.

Pogo.com seems to be the chief beneficiary of this report so far as the Stress Institute has partnered with them to promote the stress benefits of having breaks from studying and revising by playing their games like sudoko and bejeweled - very handy piece of marketing for Pogo thats for sure.

The report claims that these casual games are better than 'proper' games like Warcraft, because they provide easy, quick entertainment with mental challenges. Well maybe but how long does it take to load up a game of Pro Evo and get a game with someone online? Personally i'd say half an hour playing any game is a great stress relieving tool. During my finals and dissertation a half hour session on mario kart 64 was a blessed salvation for all of us and we were all refreshed and ready to hit to books again!