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About Me

I’ve just finished uni with a 2.1 in Film & Media with Journalism. Now I'm going to spend my free time trying to get into the videogames journalism trade. I’m hoping to get noticed and one day get paid for what I do, at a magazine or website.

I wrote for my uni's magazine for three years, with my final year as the Deputy Editor of the entertainment section. I also currently work as a copy writer for a branding agency.

I have completed a weeks self-initiated work experience at PlayStation World (PSW) magazine which resulted in a review of mine getting published. More recently I attended a press launch party in London on the behalf of

I’ve been gaming since the cassette-loaded craptacular Commodore 64 in the 80s, but I really fell in love with it with the Sega Mega-Drive and Sonic. Nowadays, I’m all over anything PlayStation old or new. Once in a blue moon I drag out the PSP or Wii under the agreement it won't be crap or cause me physical injury. I’ll probably invest in a 360 soon to ‘expand my career opportunities,’ (play Gears of War).


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