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Join the team and use Game Hub as your platform!

Game Hub is a leading video games site for games journalism covering news, reviews, previews, features and editorials about the gaming industry. Everyone is invited to register an account and use Game Hub as the platform for your thoughts, articles, comments and opinions about the games industry.  It's an open platform that everyone can use to build up their games journalism portfolio.  Whether you're looking to break into games journalism as a profession, studying for a qualification, expanding your portfolio or just want a hobby that lets you make the most of your passion for games - Game Hub is for you. 

"How Can I write at Game Hub?"

Easy - Follow the 3 steps below and you'll be up and running on Game Hub in no time.

  1. Register an account
  2. Email us at admin [at] game-hub.co.uk (to prove you're real!)
  3. Include a short sample of your work in the email - nothing scary just a few words about anything from the games industry. It could be anything, a short review of the last game you played, your favourite game of all time, favourite character, a preview of a game you're looking forward to - anything.  You can use it as your first post once you are accepted to get you off to a flying start!

"Hang on - why would I want to write at Game Hub?"

Loads of reasons.  Game Hub is an open platform that anyone can use to write about the games industry. You don't have to be a qualified or professional journalist you just have to be able to write a bit and have a passion for the games industry.  Game Hub gives you the opportunity to build up an online portfolio of all the contributions you've made; sounds a bit formal I know, the biggee is that it puts all of your reviews, previews, opinions, comments and thoughts you've ever made on the games industry all in one place.  Your online account features a public URL of all of your work you can share with others just for fun and kudos or for CV's, applications and to impress employers.

To make the most of your passion for games and the games industry, register an account and start building up your online portfolio.

"OK sounds good - what else do I get out of writing at Game Hub?

Using Game Hub as the place for your games journalism gives you the opportunities and advantages that come from writing for one of the biggest gaming blogs, that you wouldn't get if you hosted your work on another platform (somewhere like Blogspot, Typepad or Wordpress) Most importantly, by writing for an established platform like Game Hub you have the opportunity to get:

  • Exclusive Press Only game assets, previews and information
  • Review copies of games
  • Download codes for console games DLC, PC DLC and mobile games.
  • Invites to exclusive Press Only game launches and events
  • Access to PR companies and game studios for exclusive access, Q&As and more

"OK now it sounds really good - what do other writers say?"

Brendan Griffiths:

"Game Hub is a great site to write for and helped me gain so much experience in the video game journalism industry, as well as access to review copies from such high end publishers like Sony, EA, 2K, Activision, Bethesda, Codemasters and Warner Brothers. Sign up for the team and you'll be able to get press credentials for publisher's online press assets and access to GamesPress.co.uk. Put the work in and you might even be able to blag a press pass for events like the Eurogamer Expo. Game Hub is the only independent site I've written for that has been able to wrangle invites to awesome launch parties too. Having an easy access personal article history will look great on your CV too."

Rohin Bhatia:

”Game-Hub has given me the opportunity to get involved in the games industry in the form of Video Games Journalism. Doing so has given me an insight as to how the media operates. Jason (The Admin) has been supportive of me from the start and without this I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all that I have so far”.

"Awesome, so what are Game Hub Points?"

Every time you write an article or make a comment on Game Hub you'll earn Game Hub Points. These are points which indicate how much you've contributed to the site and give users a way to prove and show off how big their portfolio is without having to view their profiles.  All writers will receive:

  • 10 Points for an article
  • 3 Points for a comment.

"Sign me up!"

Great, you can register an account here.

Game Hub is an open platform for games journalism where anyone can register and start their portfolio of posts covering the games industry. To make the most of your passion for games, for your career, qualification or just for fun - create your account today.

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